Two tours, 37 shows, many waterfalls, countless generous humans and one very full heart.

Just wanted to shout thanks from a roof top to every individual involved in these last two tours: the warm, open-hearted audience members, the inspiring collaborating artists (Patrick Pheasant, Liz Frencham, Bruce Molsky, Chris Stone, Holly Downes, Dan Witton, Jenny Thomas, Joe D’Esposito, Charm of Finches, Ingrid Bartkowiak, Rhiannon Fenn, Josefina Paulson, Jonas Åkerlund, John John Festival, Mal Webb), the artists who entrusted me with a part to play in their music (Kate Miller-Heidke, Darol Anger, The Maes), the people who’ve opened up their homes to me (especially the Pheasant family), fed me, let me use their shower (!!!!!), lent us snorkelling gear (…..), done many hours of driving (ahem, Patrick Pheasant), taken photos/vids for me (especially Bill Pheasant and Jess Foot), helped me book festivals (Una McAlinden from Folk Alliance Australia), directed or programmed incredible festivals (Chloe from Woodford, Erin from Cygnet, James from Newstead, Phaedra from Nannup, Caroline from Port Fairy, Bob from Blue Mountains and Pam from the National Folk Festival), and organisers of shows (Eleni, Tony, Paul Greene, Graham).

I’m also really grateful to NATURE for existing and being beautiful, because part of touring for me is taking myself to national parks to unwind, and if they weren’t there I’d probably go a little crazy!

Here are a few photos to let you in on what this year has been so far.

x Monique

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