Tour diary, April/May 2018

Hello from Halifax!

I’m in Canada with The Maes, showcasing at the ECMAs and doing some recording at beautiful Lake Echo. It’s chilly as all hell but Elsie and I made sure we jumped in the lake on day one while the sun was still shining!

I’ve been loving the daffodils that are just starting to poke their heads out for spring and the lovely coloured houses of Halifax.

We’ve been touring for about a month now. We did a run up and down the east coast of Australia, with stops in Brisbane, Wauchope, Bellingen, Sydney, Tumbarumba, Newlyn, Melbourne and Cullulleraine Music Festival. Making music on stage with Elsie and Maggie Rigby is sure a treat and we had fantastically warm audiences.
Free time activities included getting lost in a labyrinth book store, bush/beach walking around manly and frolicking in apple orchards 🙂

Next up we’re headed to Orkney Folk Festival in Scotland! Wild times ahead.

3 thoughts on “Tour diary, April/May 2018

  1. Wish you’d been able to stop in the NYC area. It would have been a shock after the serenity of Halifax, I’m sure, but I’m also sure you’d have made some new fans. Maybe next time!


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