New Spotify playlist

In 2017 I released my debut EP, By The Stars. I’m pleased as punch to say that I just cracked open my LAST BOX of physical EPs. Hundreds of them have found their ways into homes and cars all over Australia and the world, and it feels great. To celebrate, I’ve revisited the most influential music that led to that EP’s creation. Whether it’s a way of weaving strings and vocals together, a post-classical style of playing cello, a heart-stopping chord change or a way of stringing words together, these songs and pieces are the sonic diet that made me.

If you want to listen in nerd mode, each of the songs from my EP are preceded mostly by songs and pieces with elements that directly or subliminally inspired them.

Music from BjörkLaura CorteseJónsiBruce MolskyRadioheadSiaPunch BrothersCrooked StillHalf Moon RunHanneke CasselBachGaspar CassadóVäsen and old school Oh Pep! and The Maes.

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