“Monique takes her years of music training and her brilliantly quick and creative mind and delivers a performance that is stunning to fans of any music genre. Her songs are intimate and soaring – both sonically and lyrically, and her stage presence is pure joy”.
– Matt Smith, Folk Alliance International president and Club Passim managing director

“Monique brings courage and a zeal for life together in her music – she’s a joy to hear”.
– Punch Brothers bassist, Paul Kowert

“The closeness of soloist Monique Clare’s voice and cello fosters an inviting warmth to her upending of folk traditions. Once you’re in, though, it opens up to be something quite special”.
– Nick Rodwell, 4ZZZ radio

“Monique Clare captivated her audience at The Black Malabar with her raw talent and inescapably honest songwriting that flowed throughout her set, neatly broken up with her humorous on-stage banter. A wonderful performance that we all really enjoyed.”
– Zac Perrington, The Black Malabar

“Absolutely delicious”
– Wendy Harmer, ABC Sydney

“Brisbane artist Monique Clare is someone to watch out for. Her personal stamp is her mesmerising voice and lyrics coupled with her seemingly effortless ability on her Cello, if we had an Australian Esperanza Spalding, it would be Monique Clare.”
– Eleni Kokkonis, Lazybones Lounge

Clare was a force to be reckoned with as her voice rose above the cello’s hum.
– Playlist Play

“The future of music is in safe, brilliant, capable hands”.
– Liz Frencham, Australian bassist

CutCommon Magazine

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 6.47.30 PM.png

Monique took the stage, singing original songs while accompanying herself on the cello. Hers was clearly a performance from the heart, with her raw and honest lyrics speaking to each person in the audience. Her cello playing was dynamic and engaging, having a rhythmic drive that only enhanced each song.

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